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The Overlay plugin tints the screen to the selected colour.


Plugin Information

Plugin ID overlay
Icon overlay.png
Supported languages Arabic, English
Requirements None

Note: This plugin is not fully supported in Internet Explore and Opera.


  1. Select the colour overlay plugin button
  2. Select the colour overlay desired
  3. Toggle the colour overlay on/off by selecting the same or other colour overlay


ATbar colour overlay
ATbar colour overlay
ATbar colour overlay
ATbar colour overlay

Points to Remember

Two images, the first is the BBC website with a pink overlay and no other changes but it will also work with any style change should you wish to linearise the contents or use a mix of colours. The second image shows how you can compose text onscreen with the coloured overlay if you are using Chrome. FireFox or Safari.

Selecting the main colour overlay button will turn off any colours you have chosen as well as the toggling on the colour buttons.

As with all actions if you move to another web page you will need to reload the ATbar and select the colour overlay again.

Not all web pages or sections of web pages work with the coloured overlay - they may have features using Flash or iFrames that cause problems.

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