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The Insipio text to speech plugin uses a service supplied by Acapela to create a synthesised voice for reading selected text.


Plugin Information

Plugin ID insipio-tts
Icon sound.png
Supported languages Arabic, English
Requirements Flash player


  1. Launch ATbar from your browser toolbar
  2. When you have a block of text that you can select with a mouse or other input device, highlight what you wish to have read loud.
  3. Select the text to speech menu button from the toolbar
  4. A dialog box will appear - select the select text button
  5. Another dialog box will appear whilst the instruction is sent to the server and you should hear the words read aloud in a few seconds and notice a play, pause, rewind and stop button on the toolbar.
  6. The dialog box will disappear as the content is read aloud.

ATbar Arabic and English Text to Speech with an Acapela Voice. YouTube video


ATbar select text ATbar using text to speech

Points to Remember

It is important to select the text before you choose to use the text to speech. However, there are times on some webpages when it is impossible to select text especially if the text is an image. Some web pages do not allow the selection of text and if you are reading a PDF document within the browser ATbar will not at present be able to launch.

If you are working in a blog or online page with a rich text editor either use the text to speech offered try the ATbar text to speech in HTML / plain text mode as this can work well. Once again you need to highlight the text before selecting the text to speech icon.

There may be times when the response to the text to speech requirement is slower that we would wish. This can be due to internet traffic, your connection, the amount of text selected or perhaps other issues beyond our control. Do please let us know if you have any problems via our contact page available from our main site.

This plugin requires Flash player and may not work on some devices.

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