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The Font changer plugin can change the text of the web page by changing the font and line spacing.


Plugin Information

Plugin ID fonts
Icon font.png
Supported languages Arabic, English
Requirements None


  1. Launch ATbar from your browser toolbar
  2. Select the Font button to choose a different type of font for the text and increase line spacing.
  3. Select Apply to save the changes.
  4. It is possible to revert to the original font and line spacing by selecting the blue arrow at the end of the ATbar. This will refresh the web page and you may need to reload ATbar.


BBC website normal viewBBC webpage with line spacing

Comparison between the BBC site without any changes and ATBar used to increase line spacing.

Points to Remember

Times website with original font stylesTimes website with ATbar using cursive script

The left hand image shows the Times Newspaper with its original font style and the right hand image shows the ATbar loaded with cursive script having been chosen to change the font style.

Page font settings allow the user to choose a preferred font as well as to increase the spacing between the lines of text.

The lines can be increased by any percentage but there are limits in terms of readability.

Once the settings have been chosen it is important to select 'apply' to see the changes. These changes will need to be selected for each web page but the settings stay in place in the dialog box so you just select the 'apply' button.

Not all web pages respond to the ATbar controls especially when there are fixed fonts and line spacing, Flash or text as graphics and other inaccessible text.

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